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Saturday Jan. 6 2018-8:00pm-12:00am- Days Inn- Spirits Bar and Grill- Dubuque, Iowa
Sunday April 15 2018-3:00pm- 7:00pm- Northside Bar- Dubuque, Iowa
Thursday May 31,2018-6:00pm-9:30pm- Tony Romas-Dubuque, Iowa
Thursday June 28, 2018-6:00pm-9:30pm-Tony Romas- Dubuque, Iowa 
Friday July 6, 2018-6:00pm-10:00pm-Days Inn-Spirits Bar and Grill-Dubuque, Iowa
Thursday July 19,2018-6:00pm-9:30pm-Tony Romas-Dubuque, Iowa 
Saturday Aug. 18, 2018-8:00pm-12:00am- Days Inn-Spirits Bar and Grill- Dubuque, Iowa
Thursday Aug. 23, 2018-6:00pm-9:30pm-Tony Romas-Dubuque, Iowa